fotoreportage  © Isabel Devos


   so sabine oosterlynck makes multidisciplinary art

  • from performance art to video
  • from collages to objects
  • from small objects to big installations
  • from an idea to a concept
  • from visual poetry to art concret
  • from explicit to intimate & fragile

copie-coupé-cousularge scale projects:

2017: installation on water – Braine le Comte copie-coupé cousu

2017-2018: installation on walls : collage gratuit

+ hanging installation blanco pendant –  NEST Ghent

2017: installation on water, floating identities OUDE DOKKEN – Ghent

+ fountain Zuidpark Ghent waterLijnen


A multitude of white labels climbs the blue tiled walls at the fifth floor of a former library. Together, the labels form amorphous shapes, indeterminate compositions. The lines sprawl, meet other ends or grope in the rarefied. They are like drawings, searching for someone who recognizes what they may represent, without really striving for this recognisability – like clouds. The labels are, one by one, manually mounted on the walls. The act transforms time. 


In another place, the labels carry a date. They are affixed to the leaves of trees – or to the branches of those same trees which, in autumn, lost their leaves. They guide the eye again and again to the same moment at a different place.


In yet another place, labels are strung together, creating long cords. They float on the surfaces of ponds and fountains. The play of lines affected by the movement of the water.


Small infiltrators, tags: labels – again carrying a date – are discreetly mounted near artworks in museums, in a gallery, in the margins of visibility. The labelling itself is an unnoticed act, covertly.


Labels hiding a face, sometimes even a whole body; the labeller indicates a rhythm. Labels, partially detached from the big, white surfaces out of which they were punched. Labels in unexpected materials, personal, cherished.  

text by jonas lescrauwaet